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2019年7月3895国开电大管理英语1试题及答案 一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分) 1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 1.--Excuse me, where is the post office? --Sorry I'm new here. --__________________ A.Thank you all the same B.What a pity C.Bad luck [答案]A 2.--Wow, this place is amazing. --__________________ A.It belongs to my grand parents B.I don't think so C.Thank you [答案]C 3.--May I use your bike for a moment? --__________________ A.It doesn't matter B.I have no idea C.By all means [答案]C 4.--Hey, Tom.You look so pale. What's wrong? --__________________ A.It's none of your business B.I didn't sleep well last night C.It doesn't matter [答案]B 5.__________________? --My mother is retired.My father is a manager. A.What are your parents doing right now B.What do your parents do C.Do your parents still work [答案]B 二、词汇与结构(共计30分,每小题2分) 6-20题:阅读下面的句子,从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个能填入空白处的最佳选项,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 6.He_______lunch in the canteen right now. A.is having B.has C.have [答案]A 7.People here usually_______each other by their first names instead of family names. A.hear B.work C.call [答案]C 8.--What is your job? --I'm_______accountant. A.a B.an C./ [答案]B 9.Keeping eye contact makes the other person_______welcome and comfortable. A.to feel B.feel C.feeling [答案]B 10.Nowadays office work can be done by hand_______very fast speed. A.in B.on C.at [答案]C 11.Don't be afraid_______ask a lot of questions. A.to B.of C.on [答案]A 12.How do I_______the gym? A.get to B.arrive C.go [答案]A 13.We have to_______at the hotel before 6pm. A.checkoff B.check in C.check on [答案]B 14.I will give you_______to finish it. A.two weeks time B.two week's time C.two weeks' time [答案]C 15.He has learned English and German.Now he is going to learn_______language. A.another B.other C.the other [答案]A 16.Have you_______to say to me? A.anything else B.else anything C.something else [答案]A 17.The bus came after they_______for about half an hour. A.had been waited B.was waiting C.had been waiting [答案]C 18.I'm a deputy manager.I_______an IT company. A.work for B.work about C.work [答案]A 19.The next train_______the station at11o'clock, A.has left B.leaves C.left [答案]B 20.Smile a lot and be_______friendly as possible to everyone you meet. A.very B.so C.as [答案]C 三、阅读理解(共40分,每小题4分) 21-25题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个正确答案,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 There are different pieces of software to deal with electronic files.The most popular software so far is Microsoft Office 2010(with Word, Excel and other tools) or its higher version.People use Word 2010 to process text and use Excel 2010 to process data, and have improved work effectiveness and efficiency. Although the use of electronic filing is also an important step to paperless management,for some offices, very important documents are also kept as“hard copies”because people sometimes may need to sign their names in the“hard copies”. 21.What do people do by using Word 2010? A.process data. B.process text. C.process video. [答案]B 22.Which is the best software to deal with data according to the passage? A.Word 2010. B.higer version of Word 2010. C.Excel 2010. [答案]C 23.What is the aim of using different software? A.To improve the quality of work. B.To improve the effectiveness of work. C.To improve the faireness of work. [答案]B 24.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the passage? A.The most popular software so far is Microsoft Office 2010. B.One of advantages of electronic filing is paperless management. C.All of the documents are kept in the electronic form. [答案]C 25.What does the phrase“hard copies”mean? A.It means the documents in the form of paper. B.It means the documents in the form of software. C.It means the documents in the form of hardware. [答案]A 26-30题:请根据短文内容判断给出的语句是否正确,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”,并将答案写在答题纸上。 Do you seem to be late for work or school a lot?Being on time is very important for personal success!Learn to improve your chances for success with these tips for being right on time—all the time! To be punctual means to do what you should do on time.Being a punctual person, one should: Recognize time.Keep your watch exact.It maybe helpful to set your watch just two minutes ahead.Keep a clock, phone, computer or anything that shows time in each room of your house. Wake up when you need to.If you have difficulty with this, place your alarm clock to somewhere that you can not reach from your bed; that way, you have to get up to turn it off.If you can't get out of bed on time, you maybe going to bed too late.Try sleeping earlier to allow yourself at least 7 hours’ sleep, Insist on being 15 minutes early for everything.If you have to beat work at 8:00, tell yourself“Ihavetobeatworkat7:45”.If you do this, you will be on time even with as light traffic jam.You can talk with others who are early, and that will make you happy before work! 26.Being punctual is very important for one's success. [答案]T 27.It is perhaps useful to set your watch just two minutes ahead. [答案]T 28.Try sleeping earlier to allow yourself no more than 7 hours’ sleep. [答案]F 29.Being a punctual person, one should insist on being 15 minutes late for everything. [答案]F 30.To be punctual means that one should do everything on time. [答案]T 四、翻译(共计20分,每小题4分) 31-35:请从以下A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳翻译,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。 31.On their arrival, you should pay attention to the following points. A.在他们到达这个问题上,你要注意跟着的几点。 B.在他们到达的时候,你要注意以下几点。 C.在他们到达的时候,你要注意以下地点。 [答案]B 32.Follow your plan and don't stop until it's finished. A.跟随你的计划,完成之前停下来。 B.按照你的计划进行,完成之前不要停下来, C.按照你的计划进行,直到完成都不要停下来。 [答案]B 33.Once you've set a specific timeline, the next step is to take daily action and do your own part. A.一旦你已经设置了具体的时间表,下一步就是每天行动起来,尽自己的职责。 B.一旦你已经设置了具体的时间表,下一步就是每天采取行动,做自己的事情。 C.经你设置过了具体的时间表,下一步就是采取日常行动,尽自己的职责。 [答案]A 34.Of course, it has special meaning for people like me. A.在课程里,它有像我这样的人的意思。 B.在这个过程里,它有特殊意思,因为人们喜欢我。 C.当然,它对我这样的人具有特殊的含义。 [答案]C 35.Since we all want to set a good first impression, it is important to know the right shaking hands manners. A.自从我们想要有一个好印象,我们就了解了正确的握手方式。 B.既然我们都得到了一个好印象,所以知道正确的握手礼仪非常重要。 C.既然我们都想给别人留下一个好的第一印象,那么了解一下正确的握手礼仪就非常重要了。 [答案]C 本文档由香当网(https://www.xiangdang.net)用户上传



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2020年1月3895国开电大管理英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分)1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1. --Hi, I'm Melinda Smith, nice to meet you all here. --_______________.A.CertainlyB.Many thanksC.Nice to meet

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一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分)1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.--Hello, I'm David Chen.Nice to meet you. --__________________A.Are you? B.Very nice. C.Nice to meet you too.[答案]C2.--Sally,__________________, Mary Brown.--Nice to meet you.I'm Sally Johnson, the Sa

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2018年7月3895国开电大管理英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分)1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.--Hello, I'm David Chen.Nice to meet you.--__________________A.Are you?B.Nice to meet you, too.C.Very nice.[答案

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一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分)1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.--May I use your bike for a moment? --_______________.A.By all means B. It doesn't matter C. I have no idea [答案]A2.--Hello, Yang Lin speaking.

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2020年7月3895国开电大管理英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分)1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1. --Hello, I'm David Chen.Nice to meet you. --__________________A. Are you?B. Very nice.C. Nice to meet you to

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2019年7月3895国开电大管理英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分)1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.--Excuse me, where is the post office?--Sorry I'm new here.--__________________A.Thank you all the same B.What

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2018年1月3938国开电大管理英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1-5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.-How do you think of the theme of our event?-_______________A.It's pretty good.B.I feel so sorry about that.C.I'd l

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2019年1月3938国开电大管理英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1-5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.-Hi, Helen, I'll have an interview tomorrow.I'm afraid I can't make it.-_______________A.Sure, you can.Take it easy.

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2018年1月3894国开电大理工英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.―What's your present job?―______________A.I am 24 years old.B.My parents are teachers.C.I'm a film-maker.[答案]C2.―

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一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.―Would you like a glass of wine?―_______I don't drink.A.No,thanks.B.Yes,please.C.I don't like it.[答案]A2.―Excuse me,can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?―I'm sorry,I have no idea.I A.don't know

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2019年1月3894国开电大理工英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.―What's your present job?―______________A.I am 24 years old B.My parents are teachers.C.I'm a film-maker.[答案]C2.―

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说明:课程编号:04017。 适用专业及层次:城市轨道交通运营管理、工商管理(工商企业管理方向)、工商管理(市场营销方向)、旅游(酒店管理方向)、旅游(旅游管理方向)和行政管理专科。 考试平台:http://www.ouchn.cn。单元自测1 试题及答案题目为随机,用查找功能(Ctrl+F)搜索题目[题目]—____________________________.— Please call me Mary. That's my first name.[答案]How shall I address you?[题目]— Excuse me,— Yes, it's 8633-2788.If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.[答案]could you please tell me what's the telephone number on my desk?[题目]— Hello, I'm David Chen. Nice to meet you.

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一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.―Would you please open this suit ease for me?I can' to pen it. ―______________A.Yes, please. B.Oh, sorry to bother you.C.Actually I'm not sure.[答案]C

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2019年7月3894国开电大理工英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.―Why not dine out together and go to the movies?―______________A.Thank you.B.You deserve that.C.Sounds like a good

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2018年1月3935国开电大理工英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。l. ―What can 1 do for you? ―______________A. I want a ki10 of app1es. B. You can go your own way. C. Thanks. [答案]A2

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2018年7月3894国开电大理工英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.―Goodbye, everyone.______________―Bye, Sally!Don't forget to write.A.Stay in touchB.Just wait and see C.Sounds grea

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2020年7月3894国开电大理工英语1试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.―What's your present job?―______________A.I am 24 years old.B.I just graduated from college.C.I'm a film-maker.[答案

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2020年1月3935国开电大理工英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1. ―How could you say that? ―______I didn't mean to hurt you. A. That's right. B. I won't regret. C. I'm really sorry

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2019年1月3935国开电大理工英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1. ―What would you like to have, meat or fish? ―______________A. Either will do. B. Yes, I like meat. C. Yes, I like

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2020年1月3936国开电大商务英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1—5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.—Which edition would you like your advertisement to appear in? —_________________A.The coming edition is ready next

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一、交际用语(共计10分,每小题2分)1-5题:阅读下面的小对话,选择恰当的答语,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.--May I use your bike for a moment? --_______________.A.By all means B. It doesn't matter C. I have no idea [答案]A

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说明:课程代码:04018; 适用专业及层次:行政管理; 考试平台:http://www.ouchn.cn。单元自测1 试题及答案题目为随机,用查找功能(Ctrl+F)搜索题目[题目]-How’s your mother doing?—_____________________.[答案]She is very well[题目]— Do you mind if I record your lecture?— _________________. Go ahead.[答案]Not at al[题目]— I was worried about my math, but Mr. White gave me an A.—_________________.[答案]Congratulations!

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[题目] — This project is too big for me to finish on time.—________________.[答案]I'll give you a hand[题目] AT&T found that employees with better planning and decision-making skills were ______ to be promoted into management jobs.[答案]more likely[题目]______ CEOs spend planning, th

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2020年9月3938国开电大管理英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1-5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1. -What's the matter with you? -_______________A. It matters with you. B. Not too bad. C. I feel a bit sick. [答案

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2019年7月3938国开电大管理英语2试题及答案一、交际用语(每小题2分,共10分)1-5题:选择正确的语句完成下列对话,并将答案序号写在答题纸上。1.-Should I leave earlier tomorrow morning?-_______________A.Yes, it's better to leave earlier to avoid the morning tra

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